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The asset management firm needed a web portal which would act as the web based front end for the delivery of Fund Valuations. Client Advices, Holdings and Transactions, Performance Reports to external clients

Key Objectives
Provide a platform to deliver a better overall client service through
Providing more relevant information
Better targeting of client needs
More self service
Provide a platform which can lower costs by
Reducing the amount of offline printing
Allowing clients to maintain their own data (eg. Passwords and emails)
Alerting clients via email when new information is posted on the site

The current business processes were aligned to the new components of the new portal platform and an upfront proof of concept to ensure all key functionality was accounted for . All teams affected by the new platform were consulted and feedback received based on previous pain points of the previous platform were taken into account in the design of the new platform .

The main components of the platform included Vignette Application Portal (Web delivery portal framework), Salesforce CRM (to hold key client contact details), PACE (main source of fund data) and GetAccess (secure web access) .

The following types of snapshot reports were made available to existing clients, such as Holdings Data, Transaction Data, Income and Accruals.